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Like the outdoors? Not into the cliché modern style of living? Fear not! We have a modular kitchen design that is the perfect blend of nature and class for you!
The El-Lucido series is an exclusive modular kitchen design with a finish that will blow your mind! The kitchen has a very earthy aura to it, so if you are the kind of person who loves a natural feel over your everyday glossy finishes, this is the kitchen for you! There’s just something about owning this modular kitchen that makes you feel like you’re one with nature! The El-Lucido series modular kitchen design was created keeping just this in mind!

The El-Lucido kitchen design was materialized by using an eco-friendly raw material built on the composition of cement giving it a completely never seen before fresh look! The finish is hand applied to create an exclusive rustic and earthy kitchen interior. The modular kitchen comes in a U-shaped design, with the tall tower units at the back having the El-Lucido finish and the breakfast counter having a matt black lacquer finish along with a glass support, which add a splash of lavishness to the entire Earthy look of the kitchen. Could you think of a more apt modular kitchen to prepare a meal out of? I sure can’t!

U shaped modular kitchens are the perfect fit for big or small spaces. It is ideal for family homes. A U-shaped kitchen design is a modular kitchen layout in which three walls that are lined with kitchen cabinets & appliances. It is considered to be an efficient modern modular kitchen design which frees up floor space as seen in the El-Lucido series.

The El-Lucido has a 45-degree corner unit with alternate shelves which is very spacious and can literally fit a whole person in the space, so imagine all the things you can store in it! It also comes with LED strip lights below the wall unit which amplifies the lighter shade of dado that you see in between the wall unit and the countertop. The open cabinets with the laminate finish allows you to put little trinkets or maybe a small house plant adding to the homely feel of the modular kitchen interior.

The tower units in the kitchen made of the composition of cement provide handy storage, making them a very important part of the modular kitchen design. The breakfast counter with the matt black lacquer finish compliments the earthy feel of the tower units. Adding a few house plants to this kind of a kitchen interior design accentuates the entire mood the kitchen tries to simulate. The modern glimpse that you come across in this modular kitchen design is seen in the in-built appliances. Built-in appliances give a sleek and sophisticated look to your kitchen. With a built-in microwave and oven, you’ll always have a lot of counter space as well as the look of sophistication. In-built appliances are considered mandatory for modular kitchens these days as they make life more comfortable and easier in todays frenzied schedules of a family. They are hassle free and easy to maintain! The hob if you notice on the counter-top in this modular kitchen design, is a brass burner hob. Even though brass burners don’t heat up as fast as aluminum burners, the advantage of brass is that it provides superior heat retention. Brass burners can distribute heat more evenly.

So, if this hasn’t made you a teeny bit inquisitive of this gem of a modular kitchen design, we don’t know what will! Come on over to the Würfel Küche store to witness this treasure if you would like it to be a part of your home!

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