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The kitchen is a space that is at the centre of all hub and activity in a home.
Therefore, the design and décor of the kitchen assumes substantial significance. Modular kitchens have had a growing significance in today’s world. With home spaces decreasing and people getting busier with their jobs, modular kitchens have gained popularity these days. One of the major reasons individuals choose modular kitchens however, is because of their good looks.

Modular kitchens are extremely popular due to their stunning designs and accessories. For your modular kitchen, you can choose a colour and finish that compliments you home interiors. Gone are the day’s people used to opt for neutral and standard colours. These days people are moving towards darker colours and they quickly becoming a sought-after trend. In the picture, we see a spectacular laminate modular kitchen with an island. The kitchen island is a free-standing piece of kitchen cabinetry that can either match your kitchen interior design or compliment it. It supplements the counter space in your kitchen, allowing for more storage space and adds functionality than your traditional countertops against the walls. Having a kitchen island helps you and your family to enjoy modern living in more open-plan spaces, for instance, they can accommodate multiple cooks, party guests, children doing their homework whilst you cook and can even be used as your home office. It is the ideal combination of function and style.

Laminate is our starting finish and the most basic one and the Dusk modular kitchen is a perfect beauty in this finish. They make a great choice for contemporary kitchen interiors with sleek looks, modern accents and dramatic contrasting finishes. They also offer other benefits to homeowners, such as being less likely to fade, improved resistance to scratches, more durability, and cleaning up with ease. This modular kitchen is an excellent example of how a great design is given justice with the right selection of colour and lighting even in the most basic finish. A monochromatic colour scheme is the trendiest thing to hit in any room in a home and the kitchen is no exception. This colour scheme with a splash of charcoal looks classic and hip simultaneously. After all, Indian kitchens need to go through a lot of curry stains and oil spills; hence the use of darker shades is an absolute must. Grey is the latest shade of neutral, and there’s no denying the quiet sophistication that the colour brings to any room. It is the most sought after among the kitchen wall colours today that can be used not only on the walls, but also on floors and cabinets in the kitchen. It’s the perfect option for homeowners who don’t like the look of an all-white kitchen interior. Dark kitchen cabinets represent full-on beauty and a deep rich luxury feeling that the other choices just don’t deliver. This design would definitely feature as one of the latest modular kitchen designs for 2020 with the graceful colour and appearance.

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