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In the past, champagne was associated with nobility and royalty, and in today’s world it’s often used to commemorate joyous occasions.
What better name to give a kitchen that would be the pièce de résistance of your home? There is no better term we could find to describe this spectacular modular kitchen, it simply accentuates the ambience of luxury.

So, for all of you who love the touch of exorbitance in your life, this is the modular kitchen for you! The chic champagne as the name suggests is incomparable when it comes to affluence. Have a kitty party? This kitchen is sure to catch the eye of all the women who come over! Have an official dinner with your colleagues or boss? The chic champagne will be unrivalled to any modular kitchen that they have seen and is sure to impress anyone who lay their eyes on it.

The chic champagne is one of a kind and comes in a U-shaped modular kitchen design. U shaped modular kitchens are the perfect fit for big and small spaces. It is ideal for family homes. A U-shaped modular kitchen design is a kitchen layout in which three walls that are lined with kitchen cabinets & appliances. It is considered to be an efficient kitchen interior design as it gives you more floor space.

The chic champagne is a blend of glossy and metallic, giving it a very futuristic look. This modular kitchen comes with open shelves that have a laminate finish which compliments the lacquer cabinets in a way that you can only dream of! The open shelves also have spot lights which draws attention to the objects or trinkets you choose to fill the shelves with. So, if you have some nice family frames, or delicate artifacts that can be placed in these shelves, they would automatically draw attention to them due to the spot lights.

The metallic finish of the lacquer on the cabinets gives an overall rich look to the kitchen interior. The shutters on these cabinets come with integrated handles which maintains the refined look of the kitchen. You can also notice that there is plenty of storage space in these cabinets, allowing no room for a cluttered countertop. Coming to the countertop, you can see that it is made of quartz which only adds to the luxurious demeanor the kitchen illustrates. The countertop also acts as a breakfast counter, so for all those lazy Sundays with your loved ones, it’s a perfect addition, just imagine making all those pancakes while having your kids or spouse sitting right there keeping you company while you prepare a scrumptious meal for them! So, in short, this modular kitchen is the embodiment of quality and convenience with style!

Modular kitchens these days all have inbuilt appliances. In the chic champagne, you can notice that we have an electric hob on the countertop and an inbuilt oven. Inbuilt appliances are hassle free and easy to maintain and give a sleek and sophisticated look to your kitchen interior! Another boon of inbuilt appliances is that they give you a whole lot more of counter space making your kitchen look much more spacious and clutter free.

Now that you have a brief idea of what the Chic Champagne design is all about, you can only imagine how much better getting a touch and feel of the real thing would be! So come on over to our showroom and experience the royalty!

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