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Modular kitchens are about varied textures and finishes, smoothness, freedom of space – aesthetic as well as of functional vitality; newer materials like stone and glass with more emphasis on the work triangle
A modular kitchen must look beautiful, but must also give enough functionality and comforts. Modular kitchen provides you with the comfortability to physically shift the complete kitchen interior during the time shifting of your home. With this, you can get customization as per the new home which you have shifted, without having tension about damaging other parts.

Chic & contemporary designs are the main reason why people tend to go for modular kitchens. Modular kitchen interiors are designed skillfully, serving to Indian habits. The kitchen in this image shows an island attached to the kitchen layout. Kitchen islands are incredibly functional as it adds additional work surface to a modular kitchen. It can provide the home with a place to eat (with stools), to prepare food (with a sink) and to store beverages (with a wine cooler). The Carbon modular kitchen in the image has all of these qualities. The inbuilt hob on the island even has a chimney attached from the ceiling. The chimney adds a touch of futuristic design to the kitchen interior design. The island countertop also sports a sink, making it easy to reach while preparing food. The shutters on the island also provide extra storage space. It provides enough space to conceal a dishwasher or a garbage disposal system without it getting the way of the workflow of the kitchen interior. The island in the Carbon kitchen also provides a dining area to seat six people easily. The island is illuminated by a pendant light.

The Carbon kitchen shutters as seen come in a lacquer finished cool grey colour. The pros of this finish are that they are easy to clean, do not loose colour over a long period, easy to maintain. When you compare lacquer kitchen cabinets with varnish, shellac, natural oil stains, and polyurethane, you will discover that it will last longer than these competitors. The shutters in the kitchen shown in the image have a push to open mechanism give it a modern touch to it. They look sleek and elegant and are easy to use and add a touch of class to your modular kitchen.

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