Stone cladding is a process in which a layer of natural stone is applied to the walls. When applied on the wall it gives an effect such that the wall is made of natural stone itself. Artificial stones also can be applied, but usually natural stones are preferred. Natural stone cladding is produced by mining different stones and milling them into thin pieces. Stone cladding can be done on both exterior and interior walls

Different types of stones like marble, granite, limestone, slate, Kota stone, quartz, Gwalior stone, red Agra are available. Each stone have different and unique textures, and hence a really distinct aesthetic is often achieved by using natural stone cladding.

Advantages of Stone Cladding :

  • Stone cladding gives a unique and sophisticated look to the house, as each         stone is different. The walls get natural aesthetic and natural look rather than artificial.
  •  The major advantage of stone cladding is that it has high durability, it has good thermal insulation and hence help in maintaining the temperature inside the house.
  • Natural stone cladding is mostly compatible with all for the major surfaces like timber, cement, brick, metal, etc.
  • It is fire resistant unlike wood cladding.


Let’s look at the different ideas in which wall cladding can be used in both indoors and outdoors.


Stone Wall cladding for the exterior façade:



For the exterior façade of your house, you can use a larger cut stone in a mix of shades rather that than using a single coloured stone, this will definitely catch the attention of visitors. Granite is an excellent option that you can consider, unlike other porous natural stones it has the capacity to resist moisture, making it an excellent choice for the stone cladding for exterior walls. It can even be mixed with exposed bricks to create a beautiful façade.


Stone Wall Cladding with slate finish :


By using slate finish for the wall cladding gives the room a lighter feel. It can be used in a larger area in the interiors without disturbing in the decor of the room. The texture of stone wall cladding brings an interesting look when compared to a plain painted wall, and this is a great option to be considered while designing your living room.


Exterior stone wall cladding with 3 dimensional effect :


Instead of going ahead with plain cladding, you can create a unique visual effect by applying the stone tiles to create a 3D effect. This effect can be achieved by installing a lighting system that casts shadows to enhance the effect of the outdoor stone tile wall. Granite can be used to achieve this effect. It is durable and can withstand the exposure to the natural elements.


Decorative stone wall cladding for balcony, terrace:

Outdoor areas, especially like a barbecue zones or an outdoor bar counter, on the terrace or balcony is a great place for wall cladding. When using stone for walls outdoors, keep in mind to choose a dark colour that resembles brick brings a cohesiveness to the functionality and the beauty of the area adding a dim lighting in the stone wall cladding with enhance with look and look elegant.


Stone wall cladding for indoors:



Considering natural stone is one of the best options while designing the internal environment of a house. Granite is mostly suitable, if it is applied only on a single section when creating stone feature walls indoors so that it doesn’t overpower the space with its dark tones. However, a light-coloured stone such as slate can also be used to cover larger sections or more than one wall in the room. Depending on the finish and the tone of the stone, it can create a rustic or a modern look.

Combining it with wood or vegetation brings a natural touch to the indoor environment. Darker shades of slate can be used in combination with wooden flooring to bring a natural and visually appealing look to any room. Wood and stone always work well together to create a cosy ambiance in the interior.

Stone wall cladding can be use in both classic and the modern themed houses. To get the maximum result out of stone wall cladding, lighting must be used in order to get a stunning glow that adds a touch of intimacy to the ambiance.


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