A rented house is just as important an owned house, at the end of the day, it becomes our duty to change it into a home because you will be spending majority of your time in it and it is important it reflects your personality and style for you to feel comfortable living in it.

A major fear that most Indian families face while renting out a house is that, they will lose their deposit if they change the décor of the house too much.

But this isn’t true, there are many ways you can change the décor of the house to reflect your personality and make it a home without changing the core of the house you rented out. Here are some quick pointers for turning you rented house into a home!

Let’s face it, one of the main things you notice as soon as you enter a house are the colour of the walls, especially in Indian homes where the landlords would have painted the walls a ghastly colour that doesn’t suit your style. They are appalling and tend to be an eye sore.



You can give your walls some character by trying out removable wallpapers rather than re-painting the whole house.

These wallpapers are not too expensive and come in a variety of colours and designs and you are sure to come across something that suits your style!



Rugs and mats can change the look of a room in a major way. They act as a cover up for all those ugly stains or blemishes you see on the tiles or flooring. It doesn’t matter what your choice is, it can be faux fur mats or a simple carpet, it is bound to add life into your room without even trying!



Most balconies we get with a rented house often have stained or cracked tiles or surface. A smart way to convert this unappealing balcony into a neat sit out is by using fake grass.

You can just roll out a carpet of fake grass and a stool with a table and voila! It has transformed into an ideal spot to enjoy a morning tea and read a book. You can even have bird feeders hanging from the ceiling to add an essence of life to the balcony.

Who wouldn’t want to see some nice birds chirping from their sit out!


Drapes and curtains are another way of adding some life into your home! Depending on the height of your windows and the ceiling, you can choose from having ling drapes or short ones.

To make your room look bigger, it’s always a good idea to have curtains or drapes that hang from close to the ceiling. Light shades tend to make the place feel airier. You can choose the colour of the drapes based on your wall colour and your personal style.


Adding planter boxes or having a vertical garden is another way that you can spruce up your home. Vertical gardens especially can add a chic and elegant touch to your home.

They not only make you feel like you have given a makeover to the room, but also makes the room feel fresh and full of life!

You can hang pendant lights rather than boring old tube lights and lamp shades that the house normally comes with. Lighting plays a big role in setting the ambience of the room.

Another trick to make your house feel like a home is to add picture frames or polaroids. Pictures are an apt reminder of good memories and old friends.

Hanging these on a wall with some fairy lights or putting them in a frame can add that final touch of a sense of home in your new rented house!

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