With advancement in technology day by day, tons of cool gadgets are adorning every home and has changed our lifestyle. These gadgets are not just fancy; but they also provide quick solutions to our everyday problems. The simple design and improved functions reduce human effort and conserve space and save time.

Here are some of the top 5 smart home gadgets that you can buy off- the-shelf. most of them are easily available online as well.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner:



 Don’t you think it’s an amazing idea to be able to just program the vacuum cleaner to run on select days of the week, or at a specific time each day? so that the floor is generally clean and tidy without your physical interaction.

Whenever you vacuum the house the old-fashioned way, you generally tend go around the sofa, bed, and other furniture in your house but robot vacuums can simply zip right under there and take care of business so you don’t have an accumulation of dust.

Most of the robot vacuums these days include an intelligent mode that you can use if there is a spill or mess in one particular area of your house. Rather than scouring the entire house, the spot cleaning mode will just only focus on the area you direct it to.

One thing that’s worse than vacuuming is mopping. Some robot vacuums can also operate as automated robot mops and help you save time and energy.

Wireless LED Bulbs:



Have you ever dreamt of controlling entire home or garage door with the help of your phone? Getting up to physically turn the lamp on and off is certainly an option, but it’s not possible if you’re trying to light your house up on your way home from work.

Technology is expanding in all areas rapidly and finally; our lights are benefiting from such technological advancements. With smart lighting solutions, you can control all the lightings in your home with your smartphone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

And you can do more than adjust your lighting—although that’s helpful too, especially if you want to dim the lights in the evening or turn them off completely while snuggling up for a movie or at a specific time of the day.

If you have coloured LED bulbs, you can not only turn the lights on and off but you can also adjust the colour of your light. All it takes is a couple of taps on your phone, whichever part of the world you may be in.

Smart Faucet:



Technology is constantly evolving all around us. One new piece of technology making its way into kitchens and bathrooms today is the usage of smart faucet. A smart faucet is a faucet that does not require any handles to be touched in order to turn them on or off. Smart faucets make cooking hassle free.

Most often you will end up with messy hands and either can’t or don’t really want to touch your faucet. Smart faucets turn on with sensors. There are some faucets that can turn on with just a touch of your forearm.

Water is one of our most valuable natural resources available. It’s hard to really notice how much water we waste on a daily basis. Smart faucets help conserving water with automatic shut off features.

Some smart faucets allow you to adjust the temperature of the water to suite your ideal setting. This helps in saving the amount of water that is wasted while waiting for water to cool down or heat up.

Whether it’s handling food while cooking that contains bacteria, or if it’s washing your hands in the bathroom, you’ll be touching the fixture less frequently. Smart faucets help prevent the spreading of germs and bacteria this way.

Fewer germs mean less chances of you or your family members getting sick. A smart faucet will help the environment and will reduce your water bill, as well as reduce the number of germs in your home.

Air Purifiers:



Breathing in clean air is not only important, but essential to all mankind. However, these days due to the constant degradation and air pollution inhaling, clean air is a blessing.

This is one of the reasons air purifiers are of great use, because they help in reducing the concentrations of pollutants around us. Air purifiers are appliances that help in the removal of air pollutants.

They are especially helpful for people who suffer from ailments like asthma or allergies or any respiratory related illness. Air purifiers are recommended if there is a smoker in the house.

They can be used in both commercial and residential environments. Air purifiers have HEPA filters that helps in cleaning and purifying the air. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate Air purifiers are highly recommended in houses because they clear allergens and other particles within a short duration of time and also remove odour, pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, and almost all other pollutants present in the air very effectively.

Without an air purifier, your house could collect a lot of dust and germs, which could lead to health problems.


Solar Lighting:



Solar lighting is a green and sustainable alternative to traditional lighting using no power at all from the grid. The solar energy is saved in the batteries during the day and most batteries are completely recyclable.

At night, the LED fixtures operate using the stored power to illuminate the area. This process repeats with no outside energy source or human intervention.

Using solar lights plays a major role in reducing the carbon footprint, although this might seem a bit expensive at first, you will eventually see a major reduction in your electricity bills.

Solar lighting is one of the most practical form of lighting, as long as you live in an area where there is sunlight, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead with a solar lighting for your house. Solar lighting systems comes are very easy of maintain.

Apart from regular check-ups and cleaning the panel throughout the year there is nothing much you have to do and you enjoy green and clean energy.


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