From old clothes that bring us nostalgic memories to a new pair of sneakers, our wardrobes have been there for us. They have seen us grow from when we were young to our present age, and also bid us goodbye when we went on trips. Without us, our wardrobes feel empty from the inside. With the population boom, the size of living spaces has decreased.

This has paved the way for efficient designing of storage which is easy to use and has a high storage capacity with lower floor area.

Wardrobes with a loft are popular among the contemporary wardrobe designs as storage of rarely used goods is possible in the loft section.

This means you can keep your old suitcases safely in a different section of space which is rarely accessed and also increase your storage space.

Also, the materials and finishes used in contemporary wardrobes help to bring in a seamless look to the room and makes it look bigger and cleaner. Let us have a look at the 5 contemporary wardrobes with lofts.

1) Wardrobe, sofa cum bed unit



This beautiful green colored unit is a solution that is carefully designed to maximize the space inside a room. The loft provides ample storage and the green color with red pop-ups makes this unit completely eye catching.

This unit can be highly functional when space optimization is necessary as the sofa cum bed can fold upwards to make the wardrobe look like a tall unit when not in use.

The fittings used for such solutions should be carefully chosen on the basis of quality so that there is no wear & tear due to its use.

It is a solution to three problems, the storage area, sitting area and sleeping area all in one.

2) Open shelf Wardrobe



Master bedroom wardrobes with open shelves provide a modern look to the wardrobe and are quite functional too.

The open shelves provide ample space for storage of alarm clock, books and pictures of your loved ones right beside you. It serves as a small side table and brings a cozy look to the bedroom.

Also, to access the open shelf one does not need to open up the complete wardrobe which make open shelves quite user friendly.

The loft shutters are made with internal handles which make the wardrobe look extremely sleek.

3) Wardrobe Art



Aesthetics is extremely important in wardrobe design. A beautiful design makes us feel elated and helps us improve our mental health too.

Wardrobes with unconventional designs on the shutters magically transform the look of the room into an artist’s paradise. You can either go for a handcrafted or a machine-made shutter according to your taste.

There are literally thousands of designs to choose from. The bedroom looks much more beautiful when every unit inside it is according to a single theme. The above theme is filled with hues of maroon, white and a pop of purple with beautiful curved lines on the shutters.

Would you like to wake up in a beautiful place like this every day?


4) Mirror shutter Wardrobe



Huge mirrors on the shutters of the hinged wardrobes given above are both aesthetically as well as functionally an important component. Apart from dressing up, the mirrors make the space look clean as they bounce off light in every part of the room.

The hinged lofts given above make the unit look tall which in turn makes the room look bigger. A glazed/see-through glass instead of mirror is also another solution with its own advantage. Glass can help us see the contents inside and finding things become easier.


5) Over bed Wardrobes



Over bed Wardrobes help to maximize the space by using overhead loft storage above the bed and tall wardrobe units on either side, giving it a modular look.

It drastically increases storage space as the wall with the bed is empty or will have side tables.

The Scandavian look of the over bed wardrobe given above shows us that these units on top of being highly functional, are a treat to the eyes!


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