Main doors are often more than just doors, it offers security and also grabs the most attention from passer-by’s so it’s always best to choose a wise door for the entrance of your house.


Different types of door material


Wood is the most traditional and favourite material when it comes to any one choosing the main door because it’s beautiful and can be customized in many ways. There are many types of wood available in the market like Pine, Oak, teak, etc. and it also comes with a variety of finishes from different kinds of paint finishes to varnish, that can enhance the beauty of wood as well as the décor. The disadvantages of wood are that over a period of time they tend to sag, wrap and peel over a period of time especially when they are exposed to natural elements. That is why wood is the best option for indoors, wood doors require periodic maintenance like repainting and refinishing. A solid-core, wood-veneer door is less expensive compared to a solid wood door.





Steel is praised for its energy efficiency, security and the durability. Steel also tends to protect better from water and wind than the wooden doors five times greater than wood. Steel doors are the most secure exterior that is available in the market and it requires very little maintenance. They can be painted as per the colour you choose and they come in different shapes and sizes and these doors are less expensive than wood. Steel doors tend to dent and rust, and does not give you the wooden grain feel and they may require periodic painting.





Fiberglass doors are made up of composite materials like steel and it is more safe and secure than wood. Fiberglass doors are strong and durable and they require little maintenance. Fiberglass finishes are beautiful without any threat of any stains and peeling. It also has various painting options. Fiberglass doors tend to fade, this is the only disadvantage and they are a bit on the expensive side just like high end wooden doors.





Aluminium doors are known for their durability and strength. These doors are similar to steel and fiberglass doors but their cost for maintenance is very low, they don’t chip or rust.





Vinyl is used for patio frames and it is typically the lowest frame option that is available in the market. It requires only little maintenance and it has only limited colour options compared to other products available in the market. It’s also best to choose the location of the door because climate will also a play a major role in the materials you choose, depending on the style of door you want.


3 things to consider while buying the door


Energy Efficiency


Steel and fiberglass doors have more protecting value than the wooden doors. These doors come with a durability tested certificate they often come with perfect fitting doors and double or triple protective layers which increases the safety and also reduces heat, but they might not save as much as money you think.



Entry doors are also known as door systems because they come with an attached frame and are just drilled with a knob and latch, unless you want to change/replace the entire door with the same size as the old one or choose a large door, its always the best to have it installed by a professional.


Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe


It’s always best to choose the right door because it takes the best doors to avoid the thief’s and home invaders, at times it’s easy to barge into the home but with the best and proper selection of doors it’s hard for anyone to break in. It takes a quality door lock to deter burglaries and home invasions. Many crooks kick in doors to get in. But unless your door is hollow, it’s not the door itself that lets burglars in.

Our tests with a battering ram have shown little difference in strength among door materials. All eventually failed because the door split near the lock’s strike plate, though we also found that beefed-up locks and strike plates can greatly increase a door’s kick-in resistance.

Some other ways to strengthen an exterior door: Use a lock with a 1-inch-long deadbolt and a reinforced metal box strike. Use 3-inch-long mounting screws so they lodge in the framing beyond the door jamb. And don’t overlook the door that leads into your house from the garage.

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