The wardrobe is a place in the bedroom which is very personal. Sliding doors for wardrobes are one of the preferred and convenient style of wardrobes apart from hinged wardrobe (wardrobe with a door).

Sliding wardrobe helps to optimise space and is more comfortable. Bedrooms with less space to move around can get congested when fitted with doors that swing outwards. In such cases sliding door wardrobes are ideal which gives more space to walk and the bedroom does not look congested either.

Importantly, when done right, it takes care of comfort, design, style and also ensures it remains convenient for daily usage.


What comes to your mind immediately when it comes to selecting sliding a wardrobe? It could be glass, mirror or finished wood sheets in an aluminium panel. The possibilities are endless and there have been innovations each year.

Select a style of your wardrobe according to your choice and taste. Trends recommend numerous design possibilities that could be deployed to meet specific needs such as saving space, making a room appear bigger, blocking out belongings you don’t want others to see or for purely aesthetic purposes.

Additionally, you also have to look out for the brightness of the room, if there’s enough light flowing into the room or if you could use artificial light to reflect off the wardrobe. Similarly, you could choose a modern-styled wardrobe shutter that matches with the interiors or the overall theme of the room keeping up with your style or fashion.


The look and feel of the wardrobe facade can be different like classic, modern or contemporary and all of them differ from each other based on the material and finishes. From traditional to contemporary, there are plenty of designs out there to make sliding wardrobes look versatile. There’s no doubt that the wardrobe is an important part of your home and synchronises with the interior of your room.

Sliding wardrobes can have mirrors on the facade and can be used as a dresser. The finish of the sliding doors can be mixed and matched. You can play around with the design aesthetics of the wardrobe to reduce darkness.

However, there are only three main choices of wardrobe colours – Wooden doors, single-toned vibrant colours and dual-toned doors with combination of different types of mirror or glass.

The doors in a sliding wardrobe can be of different height and width, depending on the space. Mechanisms also make a difference. For example, if soft close mechanism is used, the door life increases due to suspension and they do not clash against the panels, thereby reducing chances of damage.


Purchase of wardrobe is a crucial decision as it decides the storage of your clothes, ornaments, safe, watches, shoe racks luggage, etc. It is also important to see the size of the wardrobe, whether it is a right fit for your bedroom, the number of doors you will require and the frequency of the opening and closing of the doors.

The internal finish along with LED lights matters as it gives added light options and as well looks aesthetically pleasing. It is considered that some of the biggest benefits of sliding wardrobes are it’s comfort and flexibility, you can customise the doors in a way which suits the decor of the bedroom.

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