Ever heard of the statement “kitchen is the heart of your home”? When you first come across this statement you may have wondered what this statement really means. A person’s home revolves around the kitchen. This is the place where we spend most of our time during festivities cooking together.

No one wants to compromise with their kitchen even though the layout of the kitchen size may differ. So, while exploring different designs for one’s kitchen, there are different designs you can choose from to suit your home. Listed below are a few.

Self-Reliant U shape kitchen:



This layout is very tiny U shape kitchen. The basic necessities of any kitchen are sink area, hob area and cold storage (fridge): culinary experts have coined the term “kitchen work triangle” of the same.

This kitchen has a hob unit in the center and there is an oven right below the hob (following the cooking range concept). On the either side of the hob unit is a bottle pullout which will take care of all your cooking supplies.

Then there is a small sink area and a fridge separated by a storage cabinet. It has an L shaped wall cabinet to utilize the maximum storage space.

Also when it is a small kitchen and it’s not an open kitchen; Its fundamental to have a big window for a natural source of light and to maintain hygiene of the kitchen.

This small kitchen also gives you a dining space with a view. The incorporation of the dining counter is ideal for a 1bhk or 2bhk where there is no separate space for dining table.

The use of pale or neutral color is recommended to magnify the small area. Ensure your kitchen is well lit; the paint and the backsplash is in white, cream or beige.

The perfect parallel kitchen:



When it’s a small kitchen is parallel shaped layout, a parallel kitchen would go best. This layout gives you two separate counters. One side can be dedicated for washing that’s your sink; storage of groceries and utensils.

The other linear side can have the cooking area (which can be teamed up with an oven) below and a fridge. Plus, some storage of your daily requirements for cooking.

In this design white and light color wooden shade is used, keeping the dado and counter as neutral as possible. The focal point of this kitchen is the flooring. Ensure you stick to one focal point when it comes to a small kitchen.

Broken U shape kitchen:


Sometimes your kitchen is can be very compact and if you have less requirement of storage you can take it easy with the number of cabinets. It’s actually, a good idea to not have any wall cabinets to make it look brighter and spacious.

Your basic requirement is a hob unit, sink and fridge, so, that can be taken care of with only base units. Ensure you have a window and you can place your sink just underneath the window.

The hob can be placed in the center, you can place the oven below the hob if you are someone who loves baking and roasting. And in case you are not into baking you can have 2 shallow drawers for your cutlery & cups and saucer and a deep drawer for the plates or heavy duty vessels.

Right opposite or diagonally opposite to your sink you can place your fridge. Voila! That’s a perfect work triangle. You can also experiment with your dado in case there is no wall cabinet. You can have asymmetrical dado to just give it an edge that makes your ordinary kitchen “Extraordinary”.

You don’t have to align the two open edges of your “U”, it can be a broken “U” to give you some room around the kitchen. So, that there is enough space for you and your kitchen to breathe. Remember less is more.

That’s the greatest art that you can master. The power to choose what you really need and refuse the idea of unnecessary things is the key to design a small kitchen.

Basic Linear Kitchen:

Some people are really essentialists and they might like the idea of just having a simple linear kitchen with just base units. This style looks very clean and ideal for a studio.

If you live alone and your basic requirement is just a small hob and sink. you can manage with a mini fridge, this layout is ideal. You just need 5 cabinets if you live alone:

  1. Hob unit, that can have two shallow drawers for your cups and saucer, one deep drawer for plates and cooking utensils
  2. Sink unit, that can have a trash bin integrated along with under mounted RO unit.
  3. One base unit, to integrate your mini fridge.
  4. Dishwasher unit, if you live alone and you are someone who doesn’t like enjoying doing the dishes much, a dishwasher can be a life saver.
  5. Multipurpose grocery storage unit. You can store all your groceries in one cabinet. Just a friendly tip, stick to weekly grocery shopping routine in this case.


Modern concept Linear Kitchen:



This is another example of smartly planned linear kitchen that blends perfectly with the living and dining area. This type of design will work well for bachelors or couples.

It incorporates the necessities so well that you will never feel that your kitchen is small. The fridge sits at the corner without disturbing the counter space or the color tone. The entire kitchen is in monotone with contrasting backsplash.

The fridge too adds a nice contrast but still follow the color tone of the dado. The sofa is grey in color and the dining table is white. Hence, the perfect symphony.

Scandinavian Style L Shape kitchen:



This small L shape kitchen is big enough for even a family of four. The tower unit with an oven in one side and the Fridge on the other side of the L acts like two towers guarding the kitchen space.

It’s a perfect blend of drawers and hinged cabinets which enable this kitchen to be equally accessible and functional. The country style shutters also add a dramatic touch.

Even though it is recommended to use subtle colors for the shutters when the kitchen is small, a touch of pop element brings an element of surprise and acts as a focal point.

The yellow color pop here is subtly used in only 3 cabinets and no other wall cabinet has been used. It allows the yellow to shine and breathe.


Tricolor linear kitchen:

This tricolor linear kitchen is a very good example how you can use the kitchen as a demarcation between your living and dining area. The color used here are oak, greyish white and dark grey. The open cabinets are used tactfully giving the wall cabinet three dimensional effect.

The grey open wall cabinets can be used for curios or books with a counter that can be a good point for charging phones when you have guests at home,

Again this kitchen has a hob, oven, hood, sink and a built-in refrigerator. Your dining table can be a combination of white and oak. The living sofa can be any shade of grey or white. You can add lots of indoor plants to make the space livelier and throw some pop color cushions and rugs on the sofa and you have the perfect living cum dining cum kitchen area.

French Country style U shape kitchen:



Lot of people believe that French Country style can’t be used if you have a small kitchen as the shutters are usually with frames that makes the look very heavy for a small space.

That’s a fallacy, if you plan the cabinets properly you can still have a French Country style kitchen. Use wall cabinets in only one side of the kitchen and that too can be a combination of plain shutters and French style shutters.

Use lesser drawers as the frames can be too prominent for the small space.

Don’t make the kitchen too heavy by putting too many wall cabinets. You can highlight the wall: by dedicating one wall for wall beading and painting it white, or a white painted brick wall or both.

Dollhouse concept linear kitchen:

In case you have a very small studio or an apartment where you don’t have a separate kitchen, you can construct a glass partition and have a small linear kitchen.

You can use the same frame material used for the partition, to put your wall shelving’s and crockery unit. This is a very basic kitchen with hob and sink area with maximum storage.

Here, the catch is the entire house should be one concept so that you don’t go overboard with your interiors, considering it’s a small space. Giving the kitchen wall some different treatment keeping the color scheme same can be a nice element to your house.

Add lot of plants and a “you” element in your house. For instance, use books to add the “you” element here and there if books are your best friend.

Asian Style Kitchen:

A lot of Asian style homes have kitchen at the foyer. It’s usually a very small kitchen space with very less storage but has all the basic amenities that a modern household needs.

Again as it is right at the entrance it has to be very light and clean. Three cabinets at the base and open wall cabinet is best for this layout.

Firstly, a very basic rule sink unit and hob unit cannot be together, hence, put the sink and hob at the extreme corners and in the center you can put a storage cabinet. Microwave can go to one of the open cabinets on top as the counter space is less.

Adding midway accessories can be a good idea for this compact kitchen


Minuscule Island Kitchen:

We all have read or heard a lot of stories on kings and their sovereignty, and it automatically aspires us to experience such grand life. Hence, live life king size mantras have played a vital role since many decades, in shaping lot of people lifestyles.

But with the compact city apartment it might not permit you to have a king size kitchen. However, the good news is: you can plan your interiors in a way that fulfills your sincere desire to live it big.

This compact island kitchen gives you a chance of fulfilling your dream of having an island kitchen even though your kitchen layout is small. This also allows you to have an extra counter space which can be used for cooking or dining or both.

Spacious L shape kitchen:



This open L shape kitchen has everything that a family of four needs. There is a big grocery storage area, hob unit with 2 drawers and pullout, a sink area and a breakfast counter.

The quirky open wall shelving gives it a bohemian touch, accompanied by midway accessory to hang cups and planters.

The color of the shutters is very neutral which allows us to experiment with the dado. The element of pop in terms of green dado and hanging lights is very refreshing.

The breakfast counter is higher than the regular counter area brings a sense of privacy to this open kitchen and adds an element of differentiation between the prep and dining area.

Kitchen is a wonderful space to start with your home interiors. Usually people allocate 60% of their entire interiors budget to kitchen, and why not, after all “Kitchen is the heart of your home”.



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