Modular kitchens are trending. They offer much more when compared to traditional kitchens.

But, we are so used to the working pattern of conventional kitchens that we often forget that modular kitchens are completely different working units. They have different working patterns and operations. And these differences can further effect your kitchen preferences and choice.

To ease your confusion, here’s a list of things that you must consider before installing a modular kitchen-

1. Define your kitchen space

Though modular kitchens can be customized to varied sizes, designs and colors, your kitchen is space something that you must consider before installing a modular kitchen. The design of the modular kitchen will completely depend on the size of your kitchen.

Pro tip- If you have a small kitchen area, go for parallel or straight type of modular unit. On the other hand, if you have a larger space, Island kitchen or L-shaped kitchen is recommended.

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

2. Look out for storage requirement

Space and storage are major issues that we face with todays’ kitchens. While planning for a modular kitchen, ensure how much and what kind of storage you need. Basis which, you can opt for different cabinets, tall units, drawers or even a pantry. If you think you don’t require extra storage then you can go with regular kitchen designs, but if you are someone who loves spacious designs then you can customize your preferences.

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

3. Kitchen material

There are no compromises on the quality and durability when it comes to modular kitchens. The type of material you choose will entirely reflect the durability of your kitchen. Choose kitchen materials that will suit your cooking style. There are varieties of material available, the popular ones being marble, granite or stone. So choose your kitchen material considering the durability and quality.

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

4. Get an Island

Island kitchens are a true blessing if you have a large kitchen space. A freestanding island acts as an extra worktop in the kitchen. Install an island to increase your kitchen storage. The same island can also be used as a breakfast counter or you can use it for other kitchen activities.

5. Fixtures and fittings

Before installing a modular kitchen, ensure that you have completed your pre-work tasks. Make sure you have enough electrical as well as plumbing switch slots. A modular kitchen comes with several appliances and gadgets like an oven, in-built fridge, or a wine chiller, etc. So, make sure you pre-plan all these tasks and arrange things accordingly before installing a modular kitchen.

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

6. Look out for various kitchen accessories and gadgets

Today’s modular kitchens offer a huge variety of accessories and gadgets. They almost cover every essential aspect of the kitchen. If you install a modular kitchen, you get an in-built pantry, pull-out storage, detergent holder, cutlery organizer, portable countertop wireless charger, a wine chiller, servo motor sensor, soft closing cabinets, etc. So, look out for all these accessories before buying a modular kitchen.

7.  Look out for proper ventilation

One more task added to your pre-work schedule. Apart from fixtures and fitting, kitchen ventilation is something that needs attention. Apart from good window ventilation, you might also want to include a kitchen chimney and exhaust fan. So, ensure you plan enough space for ventilation and other safety sources.

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

8. Color coordination

Now, let’s come to the aesthetics. Once you are done choosing the right material, design and size, look for the kitchen color that will reflect your style. Depending on the kitchen color try to coordinate similar lights with it.

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

9. Go for a pantry

A pantry is the best option if you are looking for added storage. Install an additional pantry to solve your everyday storage problem. You can easily store all of your food items in the pantry and can access it per use. A pantry will help you get an organized and clutter-free space, plus it will also make your kitchen look more spacious.

10. Plan out the working area

Plan your working spaces before installing a modular kitchen. Pre-plan where do you want to set your washing space, cooking space or even your storage space. Decide places for appliances like mixer, oven or any other gadget. Some modular kitchens come along with integrated appliances, so that can help you save a huge space.

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

Consider all these factors before choosing the right modular kitchen for you.

Here’s what a few of our homeowners have asked us.

  1. What all things are included in a modular kitchen?

Modular kitchens are highly efficient and functional when compared to other traditional kitchens. Modular kitchens are designed to make your everyday cooking experience easy. They are easy to install and even easier to operate. Modular kitchens are available in a variety of options and designs. They come with a variety of appliances and gadgets like in-built storage, pull-out cabinets, mixer-pullout, in-built pantry, hanging breakfast counters, servo drive sensor, foil cutter, wooden cutlery, etc.

2. Is a modular kitchen durable?

Most modular kitchens come with high-quality material and are resistant to boiling water and other factors. Moreover, modular kitchens do offer a guarantee on their products. So, more or else they are worth the investment.

3. How do I make my kitchen look spacious?

Increase your kitchen storage to make your kitchen look more spacious. Go for extra kitchen cabinets or tall units or a pantry. Once you start organizing your kitchen essentials correctly, it will then clear off all the clutter and will make your kitchen look organized and spacious.

4. Best plywood for modular kitchen?

You can choose boiling waterproof marine plywood if you are looking for a water-resistant kitchen. Apart from that, you can choose wood, stone, stainless steel, etc.

5. How many cabinets do I need in the kitchen?

This entirely depends on how much storage you need. If you need more storage for your kitchen, go for 5-6 cabinets with a tall unit or a pantry. If you think you don’t require much storage, then you can simply choose 3-4 cabinets.

What are your views on modular kitchens? Are you planning to install one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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